“Mediation not Litigation”

I’m Abdul Razzak, and I created Amicable Mediation to help people avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and potentially ruining relationships over the course of litigation – someone close to me went through that and I hope to spare others the time, monetary expense, and uncertainty of the entire process.

I hold a graduate degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and am a certified mediator and criminal justice specialist with over thirty years of experience in the field. As a practitioner and an educator both in the private and public sector, my background gives me a unique insight into your legal needs.

My time both in law enforcement and private security has given me a lot of hands on real world experience in resolving disputes, and eight years of working in both adult and juvenile institutions led me to deeply appreciate the value of de-escalation and seeking common ground. The success of informal mediation techniques led me to expand my professional training and become formally certified in alternate dispute resolution.

In mediating or abritrating conflict, I promote respect and kindness towards the participants while guiding them to see the other’s point of view and attempt to understand their opponent’s perspective. I am a consensus builder – a trained Alternate Dispute Resolution specialist, a law enforcement practitioner, and as a student of behavioral sciences.  These aspects of my career have built a deep understanding of human behavior and what needs to be prioritized to not only resolve conflict, but help heal some of the harm created by it. I believe in preserving and maintaining relationships, and I firmly believe that no dispute or conflict can not be resolved amicably.

Educational & Professional Background


Master of Public Administration: California State University. San Bernardino
Bachelor of Arts; Criminal Justice: California State University. San Bernardino

Professional Certification

Alternate Dispute Resolution: California State University. Monterey Bay
Community Supervision Officer: Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Juvenile Probation Counselor: Los Angeles County Probation Department
Peace Officer Standard Training: Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA


Superior Court of California: Santa Cruz County

Law Enforcement

Correction Counselor: California Department of Corrections
Juvenile Probation Officer: Los Angeles County Probation
Adult Probation Officer: Harris County Community Corrections


Adjunct Professor: Boise State University
Instructor: Heald College
Instructor: Pacific Grove Adult School




Office: 831-393-0716
Cell: 831-392-6195


3155 Crescent Ave
Marina, CA 93933

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