Frequently Asked Questions

“Mediation not Litigation”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does mediation usually take?

A typical simple case can usually be completely resolved in a single four hour mediation session. More complex ones will obviously last longer, but will still be a fraction of the time and cost of lawyer and court fees from litigation.

In what cases would I not want mediation and pursue litigation?

If there are complex financial and numerous legal issues involve, litigation would be a better route to choose. If you're unsure, getting a $50 initial consultation to evaluate your situation is a relatively affordable way to find out compared to litigating if you don't need to.

What if we can’t come to an agreement?

There is always a possibility that the parties cannot come to an agreement. In this scenario the mediator will use their experience recommend further steps to resolve the conflict.

What if the other party backs out during in the process?

It is rare that the other party cannot be brought back into the process. In cases where this happens and the only recourse is litigiation, it will help the  initiating party to be able show to the courts that mediation was attempted without avail.

Do both parties have to pay for the mediation?

The party who is first seeking mediation is responsible for the billing, however compensation for the services can be part of the agreement between both parties. 

Is this confidential?

Yes! Mediators cannot be forced to testify with anything said in mediatin or arbitration, similar to client-lawyer privilege. Furthermore there is a less of a public footprint over the process - no semi-public testimony in court and a smaller footprint of the process recorded in legal institutions.



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