Fees & Process

“Mediation not Litigation”


Initial Consultation

$50.00 for a 30 minute session. This establishes whether mediation is suitable, or if other courses are necessary. If both parties decide to pursue mediation, the $50.00 will be applied towards the mediation costs.

Mediation or Arbitration Session(s)

$550 for a 4 hour session (with the discount applied from the initial consultation above).. Most simple cases are solved within the initial session, but if more time is needed it will be billed at a sliding scale starting at $150 an hour. After an agreement is reached, the parties can fill out any necessary paperwork on their own if they wish to save money.

The Mediation Process

  1. Review case and documents after the initial consultation to determine the issues and interests of the client.
  2. Suggest what alternatives are the best fit for the mediation.
  3. Contact or attempt to contact opposing party (the client can also opt contact the other party if they wish).
  4. Four hour mediation session with both parties.
  5. (Optional: individual caucuses)
  6. (Optional: further mediation sessions)
  7. Rough draft of agreement presented.
  8. After discussion with both parties, the agreement is finalized.
  9. Both parties sign a legally binding final agreement.

The mediation process begins when disputants involve in a dialogue to resolve their conflict. Occasionally, a mediator will meet with disputants individually (caucus), so the dialogue does not break down and parties can remain focused on solving issues. The caucus also enable parties with the mediator’s assistance to categorize issues in common as well as impediments to reaching an agreement.

Once the parties mutually agreed to a resolution of their dispute, the mediator will prepare a rough draft for the parties’ final approval. Once the agreement is signed, any infringement of the signed agreement could constitute a legal “Breach of Contract”.



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